Child Dentistry

We love teaching our young patients about their teeth! We involve parents, grandparents and other caregivers to get the best results. It is our hope that your child’s dental experiences will be mainly preventive. If fillings or more involved treatment is needed, you may be assured that your child is receiving experienced and trusted care.

Your child’s first visit

The American Dental Association and American Pediatric Association recommend children meet their dentist when the first teeth erupt.  At any age, we require a parent or guardian be present for the initial examination. Dr. Brueggeman engages the children as she gently checks the teeth and gums. She will summarize the findings and gladly answer questions.

For those patients 3 years and under, only an examination is completed at the first visit unless otherwise requested. For children 4 years and above, Dr. Brueggeman will perform the examination and one of our hygienists will be delighted to clean the teeth and give fun oral hygiene instruction using our celebrated dental characters. X-rays may be taken and are prescribed on an individual basis. Topical fluoride or fluoride varnish may be suggested and we will ask about any fluoride supplement provided at home.

What should I tell my child about the first dental visit?

It is always reassuring for your child to hear consistent positive remarks about the dentist. Some suggestions include reading age-appropriate books and speaking about the positive aspects of your own dental experiences. Think about how you prepare your child before a first haircut or trip to the shoe store. You are welcomed to bring a camera to record the event for posterity!

What if my child has a cavity?

Teeth are important for eating, speech, appearance and general health. Children have 20 baby teeth that are usually all present by about 2 ½ years old. They hold the space for the correct positioning of the permanent teeth, which usually erupt between the ages 6 and 16. Baby teeth must often be treated if cavities are diagnosed. Children respond well to Dr. Brueggeman’s warm and comfortable manner.  There may be times when she must involve a pedodontist, a specialist in child dentistry, and Dr. Brueggeman will refer you to a trusted source.

Every one is a winner!

Children 12 years and under who receive a periodic examination are included in a special drawing to win a prized dental pal! The dental pals all have a name and come with the perfect sized toothbrush for practice. They serve as a great motivator for the whole family. We may ask permission to post the winner’s pictures on our Facebook page, but all children are winners at Cedar Lake Dental Professionals, Ltd!