Insurance Information

As a convenience, Cedar Lake Dental Professionals, Ltd. will submit insurance claims on your behalf for services provided at our office. Until insurance membership is verified, full payment is due at the time of the treatment. This typically applies to the first dental visit.

We accept all insurance plans that allow you to choose your own dentist. HMO’s do not allow patients to choose their own dentist. The best resources for understanding individual insurance plans and how coverage applies at our office is your human resource department and the insurance company itself.

Pre-treatment estimates may be submitted upon request for established treatment plans. Payments are estimated for each dental visit after the initial exam and due at the time of treatment unless prior financial arrangements have been agreed upon (Financial Agreement).

Sometimes an established patient of record will have an insurance change. We encourage you to be familiar with your new plan overall, but especially in how changes to deductibles and payments may apply to scheduled treatment, including exams and cleanings.