Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation involves the individual recreation of each tooth in the mouth where the dentition is worn, broken, extensively decayed or missing. It may also apply to patients experiencing chronic headaches and pain in the jaw muscles or jaw joints (TMJ’s). Some patients seek a more attractive smile whereas others yearn for reliable teeth that allow them to eat comfortably. The result of full mouth rehabilitation is an enhanced smile and stable dentition using durable materials that will stand the test of time.

Who does the full mouth rehabilitation?

Dr. Kopecky is specialized in the field of prosthodontics to plan and treat the most complex dental cases. In many situations, he must assemble an interdisciplinary team of dental specialists to achieve the desired rehabilitative outcome.

What is involved with full mouth rehabilitation?

The goal of treatment is to properly align the jaw in a stable position through the rebuilding of damaged and missing teeth. The process starts with a thorough prosthodontic examination performed by Dr. Kopecky and it is at this beginning stage that you should share your dental concerns and goals. Additional dental records are gathered as needed at a subsequent appointment. A consultation is scheduled to discuss the individual dental problems as well as the treatment options available to rehabilitate the bite. You are invited to bring a family member who may be closely involved with your care.

A diagnostic “blueprint” is prepared by Dr. Kopecky using mounted models of the teeth to serve as a guide throughout the rehabilitation. In most cases an interdisciplinary team of dental specialists will be coordinated and directed by Dr. Kopecky to assure properly sequenced care with the desired esthetic outcome.

Treatment may require use of veneers, crowns, bridges, partials or dentures on natural teeth and/or dental implants. In many cases, removable orthotic splints are initially used to evaluate controlled changes in the bite to assure comfort and health prior to proceeding with final treatment. The length of time needed to complete treatment is dependent on the individual needs and desires of the patient.